Why have Colposcopy at The McIndoe Centre?

Whilst most gynaecologists offer colposcopy, very few truly specialise in the field like Mr McIndoe.

  • Your questions will be answered thoroughly and thoughtfully
  • You will receive an accurate assessment and avoid any unnecessary treatment
  • We will provide friendly and compassionate care always
  • We can offer same day appointments, to relieve your anxiety. Call us now on 020 7637 1075

As a gynaecological oncologist, colposcopy is a genuine passion for Mr Angus McIndoe. Patients can rest assured they are in the capable hands of a highly experienced and knowledgeable consultant, who has a range of exceptional treatment options available.

Every patient will receive a thorough evaluation of their clinical condition, including a review of previous results if necessary, and a careful explanation of the findings. This will help to reduce the risk of unnecessary treatment.

Where treatment is indicated, the patient will get a carefully tailored approach, to minimise the impact of treatment whilst maximising the chance of a cure with a single treatment. This is all provided in a very relaxed environment where all the patients’ questions are answered in detail.

If treatment for CIN is necessary, this can usually be performed in an out-patient clinic with minimal discomfort, usually using local anaesthetic. The abnormal area of skin can be simply removed in a single treatment and is unlikely to recur.

For HPV, treatment is now available to clear this virus. Vaccination can be carried out on request and prevents reinfection with HPV. Should diagnosis indicate the potential of a more serious underlying condition, Mr McIndoe will be able to discuss the possible treatment options with you.

What is Colposcopy?

The McIndoe Centre Colposcopy Procedure

Colposcopy is a common procedure that uses a microscope with a magnifying lens and light (colposcope) to examine the cervix and vagina for abnormalities. The colposcope magnifies the image  10 to 20 times, allowing the examination of tissues on the cervix and vaginal walls more clearly. In some cases, a cervical biopsy may be taken for further examination in the lab. Colposcopy allows a careful examination of the cervix to determine whether there is a significant abnormality.

Colposcopy is not painful if done carefully, and is similar to a smear test. It only takes a few minutes and is overall relatively painless – though some women find discomfort from the speculum. Most commonly, only low-grade changes are present which will resolve without treatment. Even if severe changes are detected, these can be treated easily by removing the small area of skin that is abnormal.

When abnormal cells are found during a cervical smear, colposcopy may be advised for further investigation. Through the colposcope, we can see certain changes in cervical and vaginal tissues such as abnormal blood vessels, tissue structure, colour, or patterns. It is important to monitor the appearance of these abnormalities, as they may be the first evidence of a developing cancer. Colposcopy is used to identify any areas of abnormality in the skin of the cervix. A very dilute solution of acetic acid is used to stain the cells of the cervix. With this solution, abnormal skin looks white and may have patterns, which allow it to be recognised when compared with healthy skin. A dark brown solution of Lugol’s iodine may also be used. This stains normal skin “mahogany brown” but stains abnormal skin less darkly.

After thorough investigation, we will be able to advise you on when to return for further treatment or care.

How much does Colposcopy cost at The McIndoe Centre?

Here at The McIndoe Centre, we strive to keep all fees as clear and straightforward as possible. If you have any questions about the cost, feel free to contact us or visit our Fees page.

Colposcopy Package £495
Includes consultation, colposcopy, cervical smear and clinic charges.
 This does not include HPV testing or cervical biopsy

HPV Testing £83
Biopsy £190 



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