We are lucky enough to have interesting and wonderful patients from around the world visit our practice on a daily basis. We are grateful for their kind feedback and heartfelt recommendations.

Mr McIndoe and his entire staff made me feel welcome and at ease. Very professional, but just as importantly… genuinely nice! Highly recommended.

Janet, London

My visit with Mr McIndoe went very well and his explanation for my condition was very thorough. I like the fact that he spent a lot of time with me, ensuring that all of my questions were answered and that my mind was at ease.

Sandra, Southampton

I had never had a Cervical Smear before so I was quite nervous. Mr McIndoe was very professional and courteous. He took the time to answer all of my questions and alleviate any doubts I had. He made sure that he understood what I was asking and that I understood what he explained.

Bethany, Shenfield

Mr McIndoe is extremely professional and personable and very thorough with his treatment plan. He was very kind and patient. It’s nice to sit with a doctor who doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to get you out of their office. He explained all of the procedures and made me feel comfortable.

Michelle, London

I was very impressed by the personal care and encouragement I received from Mr McIndoe. His wealth of experience is an asset to the organisation. 

Mary, Hertfordshire

An excellent service – everyone was kind, efficient and respectful. I’m extremely happy with the way I’ve been looked after. It’s been one of the best gynaecological experiences I’ve had. No room for improvement. 

Yasmin, London

Mr McIndoe was wonderful. He listened to everything I had to say and provided sound feedback. I’ve been looking for a good Gynaecologist for some time now and have finally found one! I would definitely recommend Mr McIndoe and his wonderful staff!

Anne, Oxford

 Everyone was brilliant! This is one health haven I would not be without. 

Jane, London

 Mr McIndoe’s secretaries are wonderfully good people. 

Lisa, Derbyshire