Colposcopy Treatment

Here at The McIndoe Centre, we pride ourselves in offering our colposcopy patients with a fast and accurate diagnosis based on 20 years of experience in the NHS and private sector by reliable specialist pathologists.

Should treatment be considered necessary (and in many cases, even when there is a low grade abnormality, it is not required), we have a very high success rate with a single treatment based on low percentage of involved margins on histology. Most patients can be treated simply in the outpatient clinic without general anaesthetic.

Additionally, for patients with other problems, we are able to provide accurate diagnosis with specialist radiologists, and the use of high quality imaging.

One stop assessment

One stop assessment of abnormal vaginal bleeding involves an ultrasound scan and a pipette sample of the endometrium. The investigation is usually completed within an hour and without the need for a general anaesthetic.

Careful planning

If the condition requires surgery, particularly if the situation is complex, careful planning is aided by close working relationships with radiologists.

Preservation of fertility

If young women require complex surgery, a special emphasis is placed on the preservation of fertility where appropriate.