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"The team of experts who work alongside me are among the finest in their fields and share with me a simple aim. To deliver sensitive, compassionate, timely gynaecological care of the highest standards"

Angus McIndoe


Accessible, affordable

We always try to accommodate same day appointments and ensure our fees are highly competitive.

Leading edge treatment

Our specialists are consistently innovative in areas of clinical care, technology and surgical techniques.

Peace of mind

We are here to answer your questions, address any concerns you may have and ensure you are fully informed.

Coloposcopy Clinic

Led by Angus McIndoe, one of the foremost colposcopists in the UK, colposcopy examinations can often be arranged for the same day if needed.

Vulval Clinic

Too often women endure discomfort with no definite diagnosis. The Vulval Clinic one of the pre eminent centres of its kind in London.

Well Woman Clinic

The importance of thorough gynaecological check-ups cannot be overstressed. We offer all of the most important screenings.

Gynae Cancer Clinic

We are renowned specialists in managing gynae cancers and Angus is a renowned expert in the treatment of cervical cancer.

Doctor can you tell me...

Each and every case is different, unique to the patient. That's why the best person to answer your questions will always be your specialist. In the meantime we hope you find this section which covers conditions, procedures and treatments, will be of help.


A look at the latest news and updates

McIndoe Centre


Srdjan Saso 

Gynaecological consultant Srdjan Saso joins the centre further expanding its capability and expertise. read more

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