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“I had my operation with Mr McIndoe and I thank my lucky stars that it was him that carried it out. He was just brilliant.”

Verified patient,


"We have have a very positive attitude to the treatment of gynae cancers here at the McIndoe Centre. This is based on long experience in achieving results, which we are proud to say, far exceed patient expectations. The success rate for treating many cancers improves continually and we use the very latest, proven methodologies, including where necessary robotic surgery, to maximise the potential for achieving a successful resolution. " 

MR Angus McIndoe  FRCS I MRCOG

Angus McIndoe is one of the foremost UK consultants working in the field of Gynaecological Oncology today. He was lead in this area at Imperial College Healthcare for many years. He has worked at The Wellington Hospital, The London Clinic, The Portland Hospital, The Lindo Wing of St Mary’s, and The Sainsbury wing at The Hammersmith. At the McIndoe Centre he has gathered a team of specialists whose combined skills offer patients high-quality, compassionate care which will deliver the optimum, tailor made treatment regimes to manage each patients particular circumstances.

Treating cancer 

Our team specialises in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of the following cancer types:- 

To find out more about our approach please select the type of cancer relevant to you from the above list.

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