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“I had my operation with Mr McIndoe and I thank my lucky stars that it was him that carried it out. He was just brilliant.”

Verified patient,


Endometrial cancer is usually treated by hysterectomy. This surgery can now be performed using a single keyhole port in the umbilicus which disappears almost completely as it heals. Additionally, recovery from this procedure is remarkably quick.

When the disease is caught early, we can often offer fertility preserving treatment for our younger patients. However, young women rarely develop endometrial cancer or endometrial pre-cancers before they have their family. Recent research has shown that some young women can be treated with hormones to reverse the cancer long enough for them to have their families. We are delighted to say we have had some very notable successes with this approach.

We will shortly be updating this page with more information, but in the meantime, please get in touch with any questions.

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